This little space on the web is devoted to the the years, I have loved taking pictures of the marks  some creative rebels leave behind.  Left on walls, doors,alley walls…just to name a few. I adore the temporary nature of   these images.

You may never see them.  I walk by them and by chance, I catch a glimpse of something. I never know exactly who these things are meant for but I love the fact, someone felt a need to share. Regardless of the fact,  that the authorities whomever they may be will paint or wash out their work.

This blog is dedicated to both updated as I wander about, those marks left behind randomly as well as marks I leave behind.

My work lately has been a result of collaborative projects. So with that spirit in mind, I would love to share them as well as encourage you to contact me if you have any cool ideas to work with.

Thank you for reading. 


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